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Subject Where are the job configurations?
Date Mon, 21 Oct 2013 16:03:18 GMT
Hello there!

   today I came back from a long vacation from programming with  
giraph. I compiled the latest version and I am so lost with the  
changes! So, can anybody help me with the following questions?

Q1: Where are all the job.set functions from GiraphJob? Like  
job.setVertexClass(), job.setVertexInputFormatClass() etc?

Q2: When I create a Reader which implements TextVertexReader<I,V,E>  
and I have the constructor
     public Reader (
             RecordReader<I,V> recordreader) {

    I have an error that it cant find the class TextVertexReader.

Q3: (if it isn't much pain to you) can you provide me a snipper of  
code for a TestVertex and a TestReader? Only the declarations! I don't  
care much about the type of the id,value and messages.


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