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From JĂșlio Pires <>
Subject Questions About Distributed Mode
Date Wed, 11 Sep 2013 19:14:33 GMT

When running in pseudo-distributed mode, I can successfully test the
However, when running with the distributed scenario (Shortest Path), I
can't an answer for the example.
Using the command hadoop fs -cat FOLDER/FILE/ * only appears a folder
named  "_logs".

- Master is a physical machine (RAM: 8GB), Slave is a virtual machine (RAM:


1) What files are needed to modify in a distributed scenario? (hadoop
master / slave are ok).

2) It's necessary using the Zookeeper? If yes, what are the properties
should I include?

3) Some setting specifies the Giraph-site.xml?

4) Is there another relevant configuration?

Thank you!

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