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From Marco Aurelio Barbosa Fagnani Lotz <>
Subject RE: Workers input splits and MasterCompute communication
Date Mon, 19 Aug 2013 16:14:42 GMT
Hello all :)

I am having problems calling getContext().getInputSplit(); inside the compute() method in
the workers.

It always returns as if it didn't get any split at all, since inputSplit.getLocations() returns
without the hosts that should have that split as local and inputSplit.getLength() returns

Should there be any initialization to the Workers context so that I can get this information?
Is there anyway to access the jobContext from the workers or the Master?

Best Regards,
Marco Lotz

From: Marco Aurelio Barbosa Fagnani Lotz <>
Sent: 17 August 2013 20:20
Subject: Workers input splits and MasterCompute communication

Hello all :)

In what class the workers actually get the input file splits from the file system?

Is it possible to a MasterCompute class object to have access/communication with the workers
in that job? I though about using aggregators, but then I assumed that aggregators actually
work with vertices compute() (and related methods) and not with the worker itself.

When I mean workers I don't mean the vertices in each worker, but the object that runs the
compute for all the vertices in that worker.

Best Regards,
Marco Lotz

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