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From Christian Krause>
Subject Are new vertices active?
Date Wed, 26 Jun 2013 16:34:06 GMT

if I create new vertices, will they be executed in the next superstep? 
And does it make a difference whether I create them using 
addVertexRequest() or sendMessage()?

Another question: if I mutate the graph in superstep X and X is the last 
superstep, will the changes be executed? It is not clear to me whether 
the graph changes are executed during or before the next superstep.

And related to the last question, if I mutate the graph in superstep X, 
and I call getTotalNumVertices() in the next step, can I expect the 
updated number of vertices, or the number of vertices before the mutation?

Sorry for these very basic questions, but I did not find any 
documentation on these details. If this is documented somewhere, it 
would be helpful to get a link.


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