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From "David Gainer" <>
Subject RE: Restarting Algorithm Pattern
Date Tue, 04 Jun 2013 15:05:39 GMT
Thanks.  That does the trick.  


To set the variable in the master that the workers can see I'm using an
aggregator - even though it doesn't do any aggregating.  It works - but is

the right way to go about that?



From: Avery Ching [] 
Sent: Tuesday, June 04, 2013 3:05 AM
Cc: David Gainer
Subject: Re: Restarting Algorithm Pattern


Rather than use voteToHalt, you could add an Aggregator that kept track of
the "alive vertices" and then you can use an Aggregator to store/set your
configuration value that the Master computation can modify.  Do the logic in
the Master computation and all should be well.


On 6/3/13 10:04 PM, David Gainer wrote:

I have an algorithm where I'd like to iterative over the vertices with a
configuration variable set to some value.  Then, when all the vertices vote
to halt, I'd like to reduce the configuration variable and repeat the inner
iteration until some threshold of the configuration variable is reached.  I
was wondering what the natural way of programming that would be.  It seems
like a master Computing situation - but I didn't see any method for
un-halting vertices.  I also wasn't sure when A vertex would ever be able to
call its own wakeup function.  






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