I am running Fair scheduler with many applications in hadoop stack in my cluster (like pig, hive, hbase etc). I have dedicated a pool for Giraph and want to run giraph along with those other applications. I have configured pre-emption and and set the "minsharepreemptiontimeout=5" (sec for the jobs submitted to this pool to wait to get the min share).

I am trying to run giraph in this mode. I see that jobs from other pools are getting pre-empted to give the giraph job's pool its configured min share but my job fails with "Unable to create native thread" error. This same job passes if the slots are available immediately without having to wait for the tasks from other queues to be pre-empted. I also tried to tweak the "giraph.minPercentResponded=50.0f". My Giraph job still fails. Please help in this scenario.

Basically, I wanted to know how to configure giraph to wait for a threshold for the slots to be available for it through pre-emption.

Arun Ramani