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From Avery Ching <>
Subject [ANNOUNCE] Apache Giraph 1.0.0 released
Date Tue, 07 May 2013 05:03:57 GMT
The Apache Giraph team is proud to announce our first release out of 
incubation.  The release version is 1.0.0 to reflect a lot of hard work 
that went into making the code stable enough for production use, memory 
efficient, and performant.

Apache Giraph is an scalable and distributed iterative graph processing 
system that is inspired by BSP (bulk synchronous parallel) and Google's 
Pregel.  Giraph distinguishes itself from those projects by being 
open-source, running on Hadoop infrastructure, and going beyond the 
Pregel model with features such as master computation, sharded 
aggregators, out-of-core support, no single point of failure design, and 

Here are some highlights of the release:

* Scales out to hundreds of machines easily and hundreds of billions of 
edges (memory permitting)
* Efficient use of memory via fast byte-based serialization by default 
and can use primitive specific types when better performance is required
* Multithreaded input and computation can take advantage of multicore 
machines efficiently
* Simplified vertex API
* Vertex-based and/or edge-based input supported
* Master compute API for handling application-wide logic
* Sharded aggregators for handling large (memory) aggregators
* Easy access to/from Hive tables to integrate with your data warehouse
* Out-of-core graph and messaging support
* YARN support

For release details and download access, please visit:

Thanks so much to everyone for all their contributions.  It is you who 
made this release possible!  We've also been investing in updating our 
website as part of this release (, more 
documentation/updates will be coming in the near future.  We expect that 
releases will happen more frequently in the future now that we are more 
familiar with the process.


The Apache Giraph team

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