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From Nate <>
Subject RE: Waiting for times required to be 19 (currently 18)
Date Thu, 21 Feb 2013 19:16:23 GMT
Hello Maja,

Thank you for your reply and link to the issue.
I last updated the code this week, and do infact have that issue checked-out in my local copy
of the source.  My compiled jar file of giraph-core is dated Feb 18th (three days ago).

I will do another update from Git very soon and build and test again to be sure that the fix
is in place and report back if the behavior changes.

Thank you,

Subject: Re: Waiting for times required to be 19 (currently 18)
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2013 17:48:24 +0000

Hi Nate,

When did you take the new Giraph code? Please check if you have GIRAPH-506 patch in, if not
that's probably the reason for the issue.


From: Nate <>

Reply-To: "" <>

Date: Thursday, February 21, 2013 8:06 AM

To: "" <>

Subject: Waiting for times required to be 19 (currently 18)

I recently upgraded older Giraph code built against CDH3 to a git checkout from a few days
ago that builds against CDH4.1.0 (MRv1) libraries.  All of the Giraph tests pass.

When running my Giraph job with 20 workers, I usually get the above error in in 19 map processes:

org.apache.giraph.utils.ExpectedBarrier: waitForRequiredPermits: Waiting for times required
to be 19 (currently 18)

One map worker always shows something like:

org.apache.giraph.comm.netty.NettyClient: waitSomeRequests: Waiting interval of 15000 msecs,
1 open requests, waiting for it to be <= 0,and
 some metrics ....

org.apache.giraph.comm.netty.NettyClient: waitSomeRequests: Waiting for request (destTask=17,
reqId=5032) - (reqId=5326,destAddr=host1:30017,elapsedNanos=..., started=...,
 writeDone=true, writeSuccess=true)


I say this happens usually because the same giraph job does complete but only rarely.  I have
a timeout of 100 minutes set, and the job is killed after that much time has elapsed.

Also, the started 
field in the above output in this past run reads: "Wed Jan 21 14:21:31 EST 1970"  All machines
are synchronized by a single time server and currently read accurate times.  I don't think
it affected the execution, but it still seems erroneous.

I also don't see Hadoop maps having status messages set on them.  I see the GraphMapper giving
the Context object to the GraphTaskManager instance, and I can see it calling "context.setStatus(...)"
but those messages never show up in the map status column in
 the job tracker page.

Is there something I've missed while upgrading the old code?

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