Actually we are trying to use giraph in our project for graph analysis with hive, so far it was good build was successful shortestpath example ran fine but working with hive is been a real issue.  we started with command line


hadoop jar giraph-hcatalog-0.2-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar org.apache.giraph.io.hcatalog.HiveGiraphRunner -db default -vertexClass org.apache.giraph.vertex.Vertex -vertexInputFormatClass org.apache.giraph.io.hcatalog.HCatalogVertexInputFormat -vertexOutputFormatClass org.apache.giraph.io.hcatalog.HCatalogVertexOutputFormat -w 1 -vi testinput -o testoutput -hiveconf javax.jdo.option.ConnectionURL=jdbc:mysql://localhost/metastore -hiveconf javax.jdo.option.ConnectionDriverName=com.mysql.jdbc.Driver -hiveconf javax.jdo.option.ConnectionUserName=root -hiveconf javax.jdo.option.ConnectionPassword=root -hiveconf datanucleus.autoCreateSchema=false -hiveconf datanucleus.fixedDatastore=true


is it a wrong way of doing it.. because we are running into exception while doing so..

and if its wrong,

then any suggestion on how can we proceed will be a great help.