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From Avery Ching <>
Subject Please welcome our newest committer, Nitay!
Date Fri, 16 Nov 2012 19:40:08 GMT
The Giraph PMC has voted to extend Nitay Joffe an offer to be a Giraph 
committer and he has graciously accepted!  Nitay has been a very active 
contributor in the Giraph community and has been reviewing code and 
providing a lot of useful functionality especially in the area of 
improving our input formats and metrics (recently).  Here are a list of 
some of his contributions.

Nitay's contributions:

   GIRAPH-398: Missing a dependency (nitay via majakabiljo)

   GIRAPH-394: mapreduce.job.user.classpath.first hadoop option typo
   (nitay via aching)

   GIRAPH-232: Add metrics system into Giraph. (nitay via aching)

   GIRAPH-376: Facebook Hadoop profile broken. (nitay via aching)

   GIRAPH-385: Script for running on all profiles. (nitay via aching)

   GIRAPH-369: bin/giraph broken (Nitay Joffe via ereisman)

   GIRAPH-367: Expose WorkerInfo to clients (Nitay Joffe via ereisman)

   GIRAPH-346: Top Level POM. (nitay via aching)

   GIRAPH-361: Hive output partition parsing is broken (nitay via apresta)

   GIRAPH-354: Giraph Formats should use hcatalog-core. (nitayj via

   GIRAPH-343: Use published hcatalog jars. (nitayj via aching)

   GIRAPH-338: More Rat Ignores (Nitay Joffe via ereisman)

   GIRAPH-347: GiraphConfiguration broke hcatalog build
   (Nitay Joffe via ereisman)

   GIRAPH-274: Jobs still failing due to tasks timeout during
   INPUT_SUPERSTEP. (nitayj via aching)

   GIRAPH-334: Bugfix HCatalog Hive profile. (nitayj via aching)

   GIRAPH-93: Hive input / output format. (nitayj via aching)

   GIRAPH-277: Text Vertex Input/Output Format base classes overhaul.
   (nitayj via aching)

   GIRAPH-331: ReviewBoard post-review config. (nitayj via aching)

   GIRAPH-332: Duplicate unnecessary info in giraph-formats-contrib
   compile.xml. (nitay via aching)

   GIRAPH-330: Ignores file for Git. (nitay via aching)

In the spirit of your first commit, Nitay, please take a look at .

Welcome Nitay and happy Giraphing!

Avery Ching

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