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From Gergely Svigruha <>
Subject Giraph with DB system
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2012 08:58:14 GMT

I have a few questions regarding Giraph.

1) Is is possible to use Giraph for local traversals in the graph? For
example if I want to do some computing on the neighbours of the node with
id xy is it possible to get the reference of the xy vertex (or just send a
message to it) then send some messages to its neighbours etc, but not do
any computation on any other vertices?

2) Is it possible to combine Giraph with HBase or any other DBMS?

3) Is it possible to run Giraph on a server continuously after the graph
has been built then process several jobs based on request? Or Giraph only
can be interpreted in the context of a (one) Hadoop job.

Thanks, and please set me strait if I completely misunderstand something!


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