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From Avery Ching <>
Subject Re: Giraph with DB system
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2012 20:51:45 GMT
Answers inline.

On 10/5/12 1:58 AM, Gergely Svigruha wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a few questions regarding Giraph.
> 1) Is is possible to use Giraph for local traversals in the graph? For 
> example if I want to do some computing on the neighbours of the node 
> with id xy is it possible to get the reference of the xy vertex (or 
> just send a message to it) then send some messages to its neighbours 
> etc, but not do any computation on any other vertices?

In my opinion, this is was Graph DBs are for, not a large-scale batch 
processing system like Giraph.
> 2) Is it possible to combine Giraph with HBase or any other DBMS?
Yes, Giraph can use HBase or another DBMS as a backend storage system 
(see giraph-formats-contrib/src/main/java/org/apache/giraph/format/hbase/)
> 3) Is it possible to run Giraph on a server continuously after the 
> graph has been built then process several jobs based on request? Or 
> Giraph only can be interpreted in the context of a (one) Hadoop job.
Again, think of Giraph as a batch processing system.
> Thanks, and please set me strait if I completely misunderstand something!
Hope this helps!

> Greg

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