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From Nick West <>
Subject Adding MasterCompute object causes "failed to report status" errors
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2012 20:26:05 GMT

I have a giraph application that runs fine; however, when I add a MasterCompute object (definition
following) all of the map tasks time out. I have hadoop configured to run with 8 map processes
and giraph to use one worker.

Here's the definition of the MasterCompute object:

class BPMasterComputer extends MasterCompute{
  override def compute() {
    val agg = getAggregator("VOTE_TO_STOP_AGG").asInstanceOf[BooleanAndAggregator]
    val res = agg.getAggregatedValue.get
    if (res) haltComputation
  override def initialize() {
    registerAggregator("VOTE_TO_STOP_AGG", classOf[BooleanAndAggregator])
    val agg = getAggregator("VOTE_TO_STOP_AGG").asInstanceOf[BooleanAndAggregator]
  override def write(out: DataOutput) {}
  override def readFields(in: DataInput) {}

(as far as I can tell, there is no state that needs to be read/written.)  I then register
this class as the MasterCompute class in the giraph job:


and then use the aggregator in the compute method of my vertices:

class BPVertex extends EdgeListVertex[IntWritable, WrappedValue, Text, PackagedMessage] with
Loggable {
   override def compute(msgs: java.util.Iterator[PackagedMessage]) {
    var stop = false
    val agg = getAggregator("VOTE_TO_STOP_AGG").asInstanceOf[BooleanAndAggregator]
    ... code to modify stop and vote to halt ...

Is there some other method that I am not calling that I should?  Or some step that I'm missing?
 Any suggestions as to why/how these additions are causing the processes to block would be

Nick West

Benchmark Solutions
101 Park Avenue - 7th Floor
New York, NY 10178
Tel + | Mobile +1.646.267.4324 <>

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