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From Amir R Abdolrashidi <>
Subject Question about the provided shortest path example
Date Fri, 27 Jul 2012 23:22:05 GMT
Hi everyone,

I am new to giraph and started using it do some experiences for my research

I would appreciate if any one can help me with running the provided example
of shortest path on the website:

1) The TextVertexInputFormat and VertexInputFormat abstract classes both
have four type parameters in their class definitions but in the example

SimpleShortestPathsVertexInputFormat extends TextVertexInputFormat
with three type arguments.

Also the overridden method createVertexReader returns VertexReader
with three type arguments where as its abstract method in the abstract

VertexInputFormat returns VertextReader with four type arguments. Is
this correct? Or I'm missing something here?

 - Same situation is true for SimpleShortestPathsVertexReader class.
It extends TextVertexReader with three type arguments where

as the abstract class TextVertexReader has four argument types.

2) Regarding the ShortesPathInputGraph file; the three files represent
a weighted directed graph that each node has only one outgoing
(weighted) edge.

 How can we represent a graph with multiple outgoing edges for each node?

Moreover, looking at  the output file of shortestpath example provided
on the website, it seems that it is exactly the same like input files
combined together.

Both the output file and the input files (put together) look a like.
Is this correct and the expected result?

Thanks again for reading this.

-Amir Abdolrashidi

Ph.D. candidate

University of Georgia.

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