Hi all,

I'm designing a model to graph my web visits using the data in Access Log. My idea is to create edges between my pages throught queries comming from Google i.e. if a user searches for "used cars in NY" and hits one of my pages (say A), and one month later another user searches for "used cars in NY" and hits another of my pages (say B) I can create an edge between A and B where the value of the edge will be the number of pages viewed for those 2 users.

So my question is more directly related with the format used in Apache Giraph:

- Can I give values to the edges? i.e. A to B (cost is 6), and B to C (cost is 4).

- In the shortestPath example we have an input like this:


Can you give us an overview how does this graph would look like? That would be a nice document for the wiki page.

- How it will be the input for my use case? (A -> B (cost 6), B -> C (cost 4))

Thanks in advance,
Raimon Bosch.

pd: Some feedback about my model would be appreciated too. I haven't found any papers about this topic yet.