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From Benjamin Heitmann <>
Subject Giraph still running after mappers are 100% finished ?
Date Tue, 01 May 2012 14:29:52 GMT

under which circumstances is it possible that a Giraph job, will report that he is 100% finished
will his mappers, 
but the job is still running ? 

I can see that it is still running from: 
* debugging messages, 
* list of running threads (in top)
* the hadoop jobtracker web site (it reports 100% completion of mappers, but also that all
mappers are running, and none is complete)

I am currently running some benchmarks to get a handle on the scalability of giraph and of
my algorithm implementation. 
And the results up to now are very confusing...

Looking forward to any answers, cheers, Benjamin. 
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