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From Jakob Homan <>
Subject Re: Running munge maven plugin from Eclipse? (slightly off-topic)
Date Thu, 31 May 2012 17:53:54 GMT
> While I see no problem in replacing the Hadoop RPC with the Netty implementation
> Avery contributed, I am not 100% sure about the implications in relation to
> secure vs. non-secure versions of Hadoop.
Those running netty in a secure cluster need to know we're totally
secure.  Agreed that we need a better story in this situation.

> If changes to support different versions of Hadoop cannot be factored out,
> another option (IMHO better than the current situation) would be to maintain two
> or three small patches that people who want to use Giraph with a different
> version of Hadoop can eventually apply.
Munging needs to go, the sooner the better; shimming may be in the
future, although that's not ideal either.  One option would be to not
support older versions aggressively, particularly with cross-version
rpc compatibility coming soon.  But I'd like to avoid a roll-your-own
approach; we need to officially support and have versions for
different Hadoops.


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