Thanks Jakob and Avery,

it was the same weird dependency issue popped up first last November:

I deleted everything and checked it out again and finally was able to build on the command line and also from within Intellij using the non-secure profile.

Can Giraph be run on a 0.20.2 Hadoop cluster then and without ZooKeeper?

I really hope I will be able to run the Shortest Past or some other HelloWorld example within a week or so locally. The earlier Getting Started thread looked particularly helpful.


On Sat, Feb 4, 2012 at 4:30 PM, Avery Ching <> wrote:

Did you build it with the non secure option?  I.e. 'mvn -Dhadoop=non_secure compile'?


On 2/4/12 2:48 AM, JG Homan wrote:
20,2 is still supported. I tested the current (ly being voted on) release against it. What error are you getting?

On Feb 4, 2012, at 2:08 AM, Attila Csordas<>  wrote:


I've been using Hadoop 0.20.2 for over a year now and like to play with Giraph.
Tried to build it with the maven hadoop-non-secure profile but couldn't.

Should I have to use>= 0.20.203 even for trying it out locally?


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