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From yavuz gokirmak <>
Subject Giraph input format restrictions
Date Sun, 19 Feb 2012 19:25:55 GMT

In Shortest Paths Example it is written that "Currently there is one
restriction on the VertexInputFormat that is not obvious. The vertices must
be sorted.". I didn't understand the reason of this restriction, why
vertices should be ordered?

Secondly, as I understood, we have to transform our initial data into a
form that each line corresponds to a vertex(with edge and values if exists)
in the graph.

For example, I have a data that each row is corresponds to an edge between
to vertices
a b
a c
a d
b c
b a
c d

Do I have to convert this file into a format similar to below in order to
use with giraph algorithms?
a b c d
b c a
c d


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