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From yavuz gokirmak <>
Subject how to use SimplePageRankVertex
Date Sat, 18 Feb 2012 15:08:06 GMT

I am planning to use giraph for network analysis. First I am trying to
fully understand SimplePageRankVertex implementation and modify in order to
serve my needs.

I have a question about example,
What is the expected input format for SimplePageRankVertex, I couldn't
understand the input format although  SimplePageRankVertexReader class has
few lines.

My input file is contains of rows such as:
usera, userb
usera, userc
userc, usera
userb, userc
userc, userb
Each row represents a relation between two users,
*"usera,userb"* means that *"usera is clicked userb's profile" *

Is it possible to make social network analysis over such kind of data using
I will be glad if you can give advices..

thanks in advance
best regards

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