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From Jakob Homan <>
Subject Re: running job with giraph dependency anomaly
Date Wed, 08 Feb 2012 21:21:29 GMT
Nothing that Giraph does should be influenced by 32/64 (basically,
very rare caveats apply, etc, etc).  I'm still not clear on what error
you're encountering.  Your custom mapper sets everything GraphMapper
does, but then doesn't run?

On Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 6:18 PM, David Garcia <> wrote:
> Yeah.  I haven't changed anything with the standard Giraph stuff.  I just
> made my own vertex and and VertexInputFormat.  We are in a 64bit
> environment. . .is it possible that building a jar with 32bit tools would
> be a problem?  I wouldn't think so, since that addressing
> native-dependency issues was sort of the *point* of java. . .but, this
> seems really odd to me.  Are there some dependency restrictions that I
> should know about?  We have to use Jackson 1.6 (because we use cloudera
> distribution of hadoop), and there are other libraries we use.  Thx again
> for the feedback.
> -David
> On 2/7/12 8:08 PM, "Avery Ching" <> wrote:
>>If you're using GiraphJob, the mapper class should be set for you.
>>That's weird.
>>On 2/7/12 5:58 PM, David Garcia wrote:
>>> That's interesting.  Yes, I don't need native libraries.  The problem
>>> having is that after I run job.waitForCompletion(..),
>>> The job runs a mapper that is something other than GraphMapper.  It
>>> doesn't complain that a Mapper isn't defined or anything.  It runs
>>> something else.  As I mentioned below, the map-class doesn't appear to
>>> defined.
>>> On 2/7/12 7:50 PM, "Jakob Homan"<>  wrote:
>>>> That's not necessarily a bad thing.  Hadoop (not Giraph) has native
>>>> code library it can use for improved performance.  You'll see this
>>>> message when running on a cluster that's not been deployed to use the
>>>> native libraries.  If I follow what you wrote, most likely your work
>>>> project cluster is so configured.  Unless you actively expect to have
>>>> the native libraries loaded, I wouldn't be concerned.
>>>> On Tue, Feb 7, 2012 at 5:46 PM, David Garcia<>
>>>> wrote:
>>>>> I am running into a weird error that I haven't seen yet (I suppose
>>>>> been lucky).  I see the following in the logging:
>>>>> org.apache.hadoop.util.NativeCodeLoader: Unable to load native-hadoop
>>>>> library for your platform... using builtin-java classes where
>>>>> In the job definition, the property "" is not even
>>>>> defined.  For Giraph, this is usually set to
>>>>> ""
>>>>> I'm building my project with hadoop 0.20.204.
>>>>> When I build the GiraphProject myself (and run my own tests with the
>>>>> projects dependencies), I have no problems.  The main difference is
>>>>> I'm using a Giraph dependency in my work project.  All input is
>>>>> Thx!!
>>>>> -David

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