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From André Kelpe <>
Subject multi-graph support in giraph
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2012 09:44:47 GMT
Hi list,

in my current usage of giraph I ran into the limitation that the API is centered
around simple graphs but in many applications you are actually dealing with
multi-graphs. One simple example is a road network, where there can be n edges
between 2 vertices. For my current program I could work around the "limitation"
by using an ArrayWritable as the edge value, which contains all edges that are
connectors to a neighbour vertex. That is however not the cleanest of all

The pregel paper describes an API, where you work with iterators to all your
outgoing edges and you then can access the vertex on the other end with a method
call (see the impl of Shortest Path in the paper). That kind of API would
totally allow having multiple edges connecting the same two vertices directly
while the current API with getEdgeValue(vertexId) does not. What is the current
view on this, is that a feature, that would be welcome? Should I open a JIRA
for the discussion? Am I overlooking something?



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