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From Yazan Boshmaf <>
Subject Re: hadoop version?
Date Sun, 02 Jun 2013 19:35:31 GMT
As documented in Maven's website: "If you have just installed Maven,
it may take a while on the first run. This is because Maven is
downloading the most recent artifacts (plugin jars and other files)
into your local repository. You may also need to execute the command a
couple of times before it succeeds. This is because the remote server
may time out before your downloads are complete. Don't worry, there
are ways to fix that."

On Sun, Jun 2, 2013 at 12:20 PM, Armando Miraglia
<> wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 02, 2013 at 12:12:01PM -0700, Yazan Boshmaf wrote:
>> If you decided to go with a newer version, then you should use the
>> "-Dhadoop_1.0" argument with Maven commands (in this instance, for
>> Hadoop 1.0). More info here:
> Yes, I am trying right now and previously I had the compilation procedure
> stuck at "munge plugin compilation" if I am right (apparently caused by
> too much memory occupied). Now it got blocked at Accumulo apparently because
> of a "connection time out". The error is:
>   Could not resolve dependencies for project
>   org.apache.giraph:giraph-accumulo:jar:1.1.0-SNAPSHOT: .... [yadi yadi ya]
>   Failed to read artifact descriptor for org.apache.hadoop:hadoop-core:jar:
>   0.20-append-r1056497: Could not transfer artifact org.apache.hadoop:
>   hadoop-core:pom:0.20-append-r1056497 from/to temp-thrift
>   ( Connection to
> refused: Connection timed out
> Something is down?
> BTW: hadoop_1.0 supports only 1.0.2 or it is applicable to 1.X.X?
> Thanks a lot!
> A.

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