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From Avery Ching <>
Subject Re: serialization / deserialization improvement suggestion
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2012 21:12:18 GMT
Thanks for contacting us Pere.

We use Writable for serialization/deserialization given it's speed.  We 
are open to other APIs, but speed is an important concern (a lot of time 
is spent doing serialization/deserialization).  We don't use the actual 
Hadoop framework for much except for scheduling, so I'm not sure how we 
can take advantage of Pangool's interesting features.


On 9/19/12 11:19 AM, Pere Ferrera wrote:
> Hi to all,
> I have been taking a look to Giraph's source code. I have noticed the heavy
> usage of Writables in it and, even though I don't know many of the details
> of the project, I think it would be a good idea to at least consider the
> usage of Pangool instead of the Java Hadoop API.
> Pangool ( is a low-level Java API on top of Hadoop that
> aims to make several things easier, one of them is dealing with compound
> types. Most of the others don't apply to Giraph since you are doing
> Map-Only jobs.
> The most interesting part of it for Giraph is that you would be able to
> have a Vertexs with Java classes (Integer, Float, ... or arbitrary
> serializable Objects) without needing to worry them being Writable. This
> would reduce some of the code and complexity of the project and it would
> allow for a more expressive, decoupled from Hadoop code where user
> functions (business logic) operate directly on Java types rather than on
> Hadoop types.
> Pangool has been designed for performance so it should perform in the same
> order than plain Hadoop (we did a benchmark to show that). Pangool uses
> Avro for persisting data. It is being used in production in some of our
> consulting projects ( successfully so we contribute actively
> to it.
> So, if this could be interesting at all I will be glad to submit a proposal
> in a patch and contribute. It will be a win-win situation where Pangool
> will benefit a lot from being actively used by a serious open-source
> project like Giraph. Of course, many details will need to be discussed.
> Take this as a preliminar suggestion just to see how it sounds. Feel free
> to ask any questions or concerns you may have.
> Thanks,
> Pere.

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