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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Retire unused modules?
Date Wed, 23 Jan 2008 20:42:17 GMT
I think we have some modules that are no longer used by anyone and the  
developer has given up on them, and was wondering if we should retire  
them?  Off the top of my head this is where we stand:

xbean-classloader - Geronimo and others
xbean-finder - OpenEJB
xbean-naming - Geronimo
xbean-reflect - Geronimo and OpenEJB
xbean-spring - Lots of users
xbean-telnet - I think Blevins is still work in progress
xbean-classpath - Looks like useful stuff

xbean-jaxb - we don't even build this
xbean-osgi - I gave up on this
xbean-kernel - I think Service Mix moved to OSGi and I gave up on  
developing a long time ago
xbean-server - I gave up on this
xbean-tiger - Contains a single class MBeanServerFactoryBean, which I  
don't think is used

What do you think?  Also, how do you think we should retire them?  I'm  
thinking we just delete the modules, and if someone wants them back,  
we can just cp the directory revision to a new location.


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