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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Slim spring?
Date Fri, 20 Jul 2007 02:28:59 GMT
How does everyone feel about changing from the uber-spring jar (2M)  
to the spring module jars?  Here is a sizing chart:

spring-beans-2.0.5.jar    379K
spring-context-2.0.5.jar  156K

spring-web-2.0.5.jar      148K  # optional for web context
spring-jmx-2.0.5.jar       85K  # optional xbean-server

With full spring at 2M this is a pretty big savings.  This will also  
help to keep the modules free of using other stuff from spring.

On the other hand, maven and uber jars don't always get along.  If  
anther project imports xbean-spring, they will either need to use the  
spring module jars, or exclude them transitively from the xbean- 
spring.  Alternatively, we could mark them as provided, and then the  
importing project will need to explicitly import spring in which ever  
form they like.

I'd prefer we go with the spring-module approach, but mark all the  
spring jars as provided.  This make it easier for users to upgrade to  
newer spring releases (no exclude/reinclude).


BTW, I did test this actually works :)

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