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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Re: Reviewing and committing
Date Thu, 24 Aug 2006 16:45:47 GMT
I think David's comments on geronimo dev are spot on.

Begin forwarded message:

> More thoughts on the "where" and "how" topic.
> So far my thoughts on "how"; review to your satisfaction and +1, 72  
> hour cut off.
> As far as "where" ....
> I'm inclined to say "at your discretion" where the following are  
> encouraged:
>  - Significant new functionality
>  - Significant changes
>  - Patches from Contributors
>  - Borderline "fixes" to a stable branch
> Whether or not it merits RTC would be at your discretion.  It is to
> your advantage in these situations because:
> - "Significant new functionality" and "Significant changes": It's a
>    "Get out of jail free" card.  Having more people understand your
>    code keeps you from spending all day on the user list.  You do
>    support your code on the user list, right?
> - "Patches from Contributors": Getting three votes for your patches
>    is not a bad way to, in time, get your three votes to be a
>    committer.  Let's be clear, someone who commits all your patches
>    with no review from others on the project isn't doing you any
>    favors.  It's in your interest to push to get your votes on every
>    patch.
> - "Borderline 'fixes' to a stable branch": It's a given you will
>    think everything you want to put in a stable branch is important.
>    But, is it a fix or is it a new feature?  If you think others may
>    disagree, you may want to put it up for review or you may find
>    yourself running the TCK all alone with no help.
> Those are the advantages you stand to gain should you choose to use  
> RTC for any of the above situations.  RTC is not the only way to  
> get the above benefits, so it is at your discretion whether or not  
> your situation merits it.

The only think I would change is the "how" section at the top.  I  
propose we follow this process:

To commit you need either 3 +1 (no -1s) from a committer or 72 hours  
pass which ever happens first.  I suggest you complain loudly if you  
get no comments after 48 hours.  As above a +1 means you have  
"reviewed to you


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