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From Dain Sundstrom <>
Subject Re: Colossus dot files
Date Fri, 18 Aug 2006 16:52:20 GMT
Please take a step back.  Everything in the colossus branch is very  
experimental and still in the brainstorming stage.  Not that is out  
of the way :) I'll explain why I find appealing about David's idea.

David's idea is specifically about how to build up a server layout  
*without* having a single global "this is where everything is located  
file".  The problem with that style is that to add a new processor  
you have to modify the global shared file which is problematic since  
is it not easy to back out later.  By attaching the metadata to the  
actual resource (in this case a directory), it is garbage collected  
by the os when the dir is deleted.  Another cool benefit is you can  
expand a server, by untaring a new directory into the server, so if  
you start with an OpenEJB server you can easily add Jetty by unziping  
a jetty dir into the openejb install.

One thing I like, the idea allows you to rename a directory to meet  
your existing operating environment with just a "cp" command.  This  
means I can make my server look like Tomcat, websphere, weblogc, or  
jboss with just a shell script to rearrange the directories.

Of course, such a system is not for everyone, so if the idea pans  
out, and we merge it into trunk, it will only be one choice for how  
to setup your server.

Anyway, I think the idea has a lot of potential which is why I want  
to try to implement it (or get David to do it :)


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