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From Genc, Ömer <>
Subject AW: Access class from deployed rar module
Date Thu, 27 Feb 2014 08:35:33 GMT

this is what i am already doing. I have a reference of the the activemq resource-archive-system
in my application.xml and the deployment plan for this rar in my geronimo-application.xml.
However, I am still not able to use classes  from the rar module in my ejb project. I am using
eclipse for development and I am getting erros when trying to import classes from activemq,
also the rar module is deployed with the same ear, where the MyEjb.jar lies.

So do I need to explicitly import the activemq packages?


Von: frank pientka []
Gesendet: Mittwoch, 26. Februar 2014 18:17
Betreff: Re: Access class from deployed rar module

if you don't want to deploy your resource-archive system wide outside your you have
to reference it in the geronimo-application.xml or Application-scoped
Inside your EAR in the META-INF/geronimo-application.xml
But why not just reference module org.apache.geronimo.configs/activemq-ra/3.0.1/car in your
config.xml file

2014-02-20 16:43 GMT+01:00 Genc, Ömer <<>>:
Hey there,

Is there a way to access classes which are inside of a rar module?
Here is the structure of the ear, when deployed to Geronimo:
-------- activemqXXX*.jar
-------- activemqYYY*.jar
-------- ....

I would like to access the classes in the rar module from within the MyEjb.jar.
Can anyone tell me how to do this?


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