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From Kevin Huntly <>
Subject Re: Nullpointer deploying jax-ws webservice
Date Fri, 29 Nov 2013 13:01:19 GMT
I tried it that way as well, with and without leading slash. I did fix it by dropping the wsdl
altogether, so that was nice - but now I cannot deploy using the CLI. It won't accept either
the ear or the war but I can deploy the war in the console and it works. I'll post the stack
trace as soon as I get on my PC. 

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> On Nov 29, 2013, at 1:16, Ivan <> wrote:
> From the git history, It looks like that you have fixed this issue by removing the wsdl
file, with this way, the Geronimo server will gnerate the wsdl file you. From the original
codes, I guess the issue here is that, wsdl is not in the correct location as configured by
wsdlLocation in WebService annotation ?
> It is suggested to use the relative path to the application root,  e.g. wsdlLocation='WEB-INF/wsdl/CoreRequestProcessorService.wsdl'.
(no slash in the beginning of the path)  Using /wsdl/CoreRequestProcessorService.wsdl will
cause the codes to search the absolute file /wsdl/CoreRequestProcessorService.wsdl on linux
> The general searching policy is :
> a. Treat the url is an absolute URL, use new URL('').open()
> b. Consider it is of a relative path and try to resolve to the application root.
> c. Searching it from the classpath.
> Hope you have a happy thanksgiving day ;-)
> 2013/11/27 Kevin Huntly <>
>> I get an npe trying to deploy a jax-ws annotated webservice to geronimo 3.0.1 on
jdk 1.7.0_45. I dont have the code to attach but it is on github:
>> The webservice classes are under eSolutionsCore/src/main/java/com/cws/esolutions/core/ws,
the wsdl is under web/eSolutions/wars/eSolutions_web_source/src/main/webapp/wsdl, and geronimo-web.xml
under web/eSolutions/wars/eSolutions_web_source/src/main/geronimo. If it makes it easier to
have them pasted here i can do that in the morning. Ive been trying to figure this out for
a few days ...
>> Caused by: javax.wsdl.WSDLException: WSDLException: faultCode=WSDL4JWrapper : : java.lang.NullPointerException
>>         at org.apache.axis2.jaxws.util.WSDL4JWrapper.commonPartsURLConstructor(
>>         at org.apache.axis2.jaxws.util.WSDL4JWrapper.<init>(
>>         at org.apache.geronimo.axis2.AxisServiceGenerator.getServiceFromWSDL(
>>         at org.apache.geronimo.axis2.Axis2WebServiceContainer.init(
>>         at org.apache.geronimo.axis2.pojo.POJOWebServiceContainer.init(
>>         at org.apache.geronimo.axis2.pojo.POJOWebServiceContainerFactoryGBean.getWebServiceContainer(
>>         ... 55 more
>> Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
>>         at org.apache.axis2.jaxws.util.WSDL4JWrapper$
>>         at
>>         at org.apache.axis2.jaxws.util.WSDL4JWrapper.getInputStream(
>>         at org.apache.axis2.jaxws.util.WSDL4JWrapper.commonPartsURLConstructor(
>>         ... 60 more
> -- 
> Ivan

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