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From Stig Even Larsen <>
Subject Webservice client - ConnectionPoolTimeoutException: Timeout waiting for connection
Date Tue, 15 Oct 2013 12:03:32 GMT

I have a problem with webservice (JAX-WS and Axis2) requests being rejected
by HttpClient (MultiThreadedHttpConnectionManager) with the message
"Timeout waiting for connection".
We are using Geronimo 2.2.1 binary distribution (with Axis 1.5.2)

The system have 2 long running webservices for transferring data to a
legacy system supporting webservices. We now need to consume several other
webservices from the same host, but is running into problems because of the
the default max connections per host being 2.

After searching for several days I don't find a solution to my problem, so
I reach out to you to hopefully be enlightened.

My questions are:
1. How do I change the default max connections per host?
2. Is there a way to "isolate" the long running webservices so that the new
one runs with a different ConnectionManager?
3. Or is there other solutions to this problem?

Best regards,
Stig Even Larsen

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