Sorry, there was an error in that email. I should have said /usr/share/java.


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In my application there are two major, but separate, components (Archive and Office Apps) that use the Jackrabbbit repository. The Archive uses the JCR 2.0 style of data specification. The other use both 1.0 and 2.0. Both are in one Workspace residing on a separate RAID.

I am using Geronimo to support EJBs for various functions, most involving the repository.

There are many RPMs for Geronimo.  So many that it’s hard to discern which are appropriate. I did not find RPMs for Jackrabbit, at least not for 2.0 (JSR-283). This led me to install directly from Apache’s downloads for both.

The Apache downloads contain both .jar files and binaries. The directory structure of each has to be maintained so each is stored in its entirety. On CentOS, which I am using (or Fedora), /usr/share seemed to be the logical place to put both of them.

Also in my case, the Jackrabbit repository runs as a standalone server, as does Geronimo. Aside from the binaries and scripts for starting them, both have folders of .jar files. These need to be referenced as libraries from eclipse. I am using eclipse Kepler.





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Subject: How to Archive


Please send steps to setup Archive feature using Geronimo.




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