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From Oleg Andreyev <>
Subject Unable to set up ssl
Date Sat, 03 Aug 2013 15:22:05 GMT

Last days I tried to set up SSL on Geronimo 3.0.1 and finally had to 
admit defeat.

My steps:

- Downloaded 3.0.1 (Linux x64, Web profile, run with Oracle JDK 1.6.0_14)
- Changed ports to 80/443 in
- Log in to Web console
- Created new keystore, enabled it, generated key, CSR, imported answer 
from CA

No errors so far. The key looks like:

Version:     3
Subject:, OU=Domain Control Validated
Issuer:     SERIALNUMBER=10688435, CN=Starfield Secure Certification 
Authority, OU=, 
O="Starfield Technologies, Inc.", L=Scottsdale, ST=Arizona, C=US
Serial Number:     2292395462585499
Valid From:     Fri Aug 02 20:15:19 EDT 2013
Valid To:     Wed Jul 30 16:46:03 EDT 2014
Signature Alg:     SHA1withRSA
Public Key Alg:     RSA
critical ext:
critical ext:
non-critical ext:
non-critical ext:
non-critical ext:
non-critical ext:
non-critical ext:
non-critical ext:
non-critical ext:

Also I have changed Web servers/TomcatWebSSLConnector to set correct 
keystoreFile and keystore password and stop/start it.

So, I tried connect with https and after some time "The connection was 
reset". And I see error in geronimo log:
2013-08-02 20:19:22,861 ERROR [JIoEndpoint]

I describe this attempts because it is most appropriate to documentation 
but I tried different JDK, geronimo 3.0.0, keystore created by keytool 
and so on.

Any clue?

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