Think that the value for non-jta-data-source in persistence.xml should be jdbc/RestaurantPool, as the resource-ref in web.xml has no special relation with that. 

Hope it helps !

2012/12/2 larson.micah <>
I'm trying to create a simple Java EE web app for a sample restaurant
website. I'm using JPA for persistence. I'm using Geronimo, OpenJPA, and
Derby. In Geronimo's console, I set up a database, RestaurantDB, and a
database pool, jdbc/RestaurantPool, that refers to RestaurantDB.

In my project, I configured web.xml and geronimo-web.xml and persistence.xml
to use those resources.

web.xml (excerpt):

geronimo-web.xml (excerpt):

persistence.xml (excerpt):

I don't want use an EJB for this project, if possible, so my understanding
is that I want a non-jta-data-source and a transaction-type of

When I try to deploy the project (from Eclipse, wrapped in an EAR), I get
the following error:

This seems to indicate that I did something wrong in web.xml or
geronimo-web.xml, but I can't figure out what. Please help.

Disclaimers: As you can tell, this is my first web project. If this isn't
the proper forum for this question, please direct me to a more appropriate
one. If you need more information, please ask -- I don't have a good sense
yet of what is relevant.

Thank you,


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