Hello all,
I am very new to Geronimo hence pardon me if my question sounds silly to you 😊
Basically, I am trying to configure a web app that has an RMI and a REST Service, and I want to secure it with SSL. I have the following questions--
(1) From where do I generate the CSR(Certificate Signing Request)?  Also, in the screen in Namecheap.com (SSL Cert provider) there is a question asked for Type of Server- this has various options like ”Apache + Open SSL”/ “Apache + modSSL”/”CPanel”/”Tomcat” etc... Which of these options should I select?
(2) How do I add the generated certificate to Geronimo. Also, where and how do I configure the Certifying Authority’s certificates (i.e. CA Certificates)?
(3) How do I add the subdomain under which I want SSL to work-- do I have to add this as a virtual host to Tomcat (as per Geronimo Docs)?
(4) What are the steps to finally deploy my web app to the subdomain with the SSL Certificate?
I would be extremely grateful If someone could answer all of the points raised above.
Yours sincerely,