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you haven't given us enough information to receive good advice.  Since a database can become unavailable at any time, your application has to be able to deal appropriately with the situation that a connection stops working at any time.  Normally you have to do something like abandoning the transaction you are in.

From the container's point of view, what should be happening is that when your application tries to use a connection that is no longer connected to the db, your application should get an exception, and the container should notice the situation and take the connection out of the connection pool.    The db side of this is built into XA connections and connection pool connections, and I'm pretty confident that the geronimo side of this is working properly.  So if you are using the tranql informix wrapper with xa then broken connections should be getting discarded.  If you are wrapping the plain informix driver with the generic tranql wrapper this might not be working properly.

What is your pool minimum size?  I don't know how the informix driver works, I'd guess it won't create a connection if it can't reach the database.  So if your minimum size is non zero you might get a lot of thrashing around until the db comes up.

So, what exactly are you seeing happen?  There are a lot of circumstances where a connection may break, and the proper response from the container is to discard it so you can't try to keep using it.

Is your application looking up connections each time it needs them or caching them?  Geronimo tries to deal with this appropriately but if you are caching them you might run into more problems.

Which tranql wrapper are you using?

david jencks

On Nov 11, 2012, at 3:44 PM, Vibhor Agrawal wrote:

Hi All,

Need help with Geronimo connection.

Problem Scenario:   Geronimo server is on one box say "A" and informix daatbase is on other box say "B" .
                                 Problem is suppose due to some reason if both box went down and we bring both box up so box A having Geronimo server comes up first compare to box B having database.
                                 When Geronimo Server try to look for connection that time database is down so it dont get any connection.  To establish connection we need to restart server after box "B" having database is up.
                                 Is there any way where we can change some Geronimo settings so it will keep trying for connection or it hit database itself after 5 min of time.

Thanks for help in advance.