This is spookily looking like the problem I am having with a simple EJB lookup from within a wink rest service.  I am also seeing the warning as listed below.  By the way,  EJB injection is a standard servlet is working perfectly.

On 11/07/2012 03:04 AM, Ali wrote:
hi there,

I have recently migrated from Geronimo 2.2 to Geronimo 3.0; there is no issue in deployment yet my lookups are now failing (javax.naming.NameNotFoundException) and I can see following WARN messages in the log when application is deployed:

2012-11-07 13:47:22,843 WARN  [AdminObjectRefBuilder] Failed to build reference to resource env reference [java:comp/BeanManager, java:comp/Validator, java:comp/ValidatorFactory] defined in plan file. The corresponding entry in Geronimo deployment descriptor is missing.

I am really stuck and have no idea how to fix this after two weeks of investigation; it used to work same application on G2.2!

Can you please guide me on this?

Thank you.