How do you configure the shared lib ? use the default (one var/shared) from the server ? could you show the MANIFEST.MF file in the ${baseDir}/META-INF directory

Also, considering that shared lib is 'sharable', so those classes in the shared lib will be loaded once. For the logging purpose, I think that there may be issues, as all the deployed applications share the some log4j classes, which is the same that hidden-classes are used to prevent using log4j from server runtimes.

2012/10/16 Zhi Xie <>
It is very interesting. I'm glad to implement the sharedlib solution. Keep in contact. :)

2012/10/16 jcyim <>
Thank you for your reply.

That's right.
I am talking about that issue.

I *did have* log4j.jar in sharedlib, and I properly declared
but, result was a fail.

However If I included log4j.jar file into my app's lib. It worked.

In other words, using sharedlib fails, but using app's lib works.
(I guess that the reason of success of second method(to use app's lib) is
that my log4j library is loaded ahead of geronimo's logging library.)
and also I suspect that I can not control classloading of geronimo's logging
library using <hidden-classes> and/or <import-packages>

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