Currently I don't know how to use the application's log property file without adding <hidden-classes> or <import-package>. 
But I know if you want to use one copy of log4j librarry in the server and share it with all application in the server, you can use the SharedLib feature. 
I mean use the <import-package> and SharedLib feature.

I'm interesting to your problem, and continue to investigate the root cause.

2012/10/12 jcyim <>
I'm trying to use application specific log.
So I have followed instructions in geronimo manual pages.
but, I failed.
Geronimo never reads my applicaiton's log property file.
I have tried to use <hidden-classes> and/or <import-package>
but the result was same. it didn't work. I could not hide geronimos's
logging classes.

The only way I was successful is to include my log4j library files in my web
Even though, it was successful, I thinks that way is very unefficient
because every single wep application neet to include logj4j librarry in

can you please help me?

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