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From "Chen, Xudong" <>
Subject Developing Java EE and Enterprise OSGi Applications with Apache Geronimo
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2012 22:24:00 GMT
Hi there,

Theoretically in Geronimo 3.0, EJB and OSGi bundle can reference each other but I have yet
found any tutorial after googling quite extensively. The sample code I located at

has an EJB BlogCommentEJB, but it does not seem to be working with Geronimo 3.0. After much
deliberation, I managed to deploy the blog sample on Geronimo Server 3.0, but I cannot make
the EJB (BlogCommentEJB) part work - the original code does not seem to deploy the EJB bundle.
The complaint I got is:
INFO  [ReferenceRecipe] Timeout expired when waiting for OSGi service (
Is there something missing in the sample code as it's not specifically written for Geronimo?
Could someone help pointing me to some (EJB and bundle) sample code?

Thank you very much.


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