That is interesting ;-) Did you remove some unrequired jar files or just combine some jar files into one file ? If removing unrequired jar files, could you give an example of the removed jar file name ?

2012/8/29 Jer <>
Thanx for your time Ivan.
I've made several complemantary tests.

I try to deploy it derectly in Geronimo (on Windows7 64,my computer, and on
a CentOS5 Server) : same error.
Try to rebuild a new webapp (from HelloWorld sample : no mode simple). OK
deployed and started.
Adding the 106 jars to HelloWorld Webapp in WEBINF/lib : same error than
Decrease number of jars to 50 (approximatively I didn't note the exact
figure) : same error
Decrease number of jars to 20 : OK. No error.

So it seems to be linked to the number of jars.
Thx for your help.


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