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From "S. Ali Tokmen" <>
Subject CARGO: A tool for easy manipulation of your Java EE server(s) - Now with Geronimo 3.x support!
Date Sat, 25 Aug 2012 06:44:46 GMT
Hello, Geronimo enthusiasts

This is S. Ali Tokmen from the Codehaus CARGO team. I had sent another
e-mail about one and a half years back, and now I'd like to announce you
the immediate availability of CARGO 1.2.4.

First question, what is CARGO? CARGO is an open source application that
can start, stop, configure and deploy applications as well as
configuration files on many, many Java server containers. CARGO is
available as a simple Java library, a set of ANT tasks as well as a
Maven2 plugin.

Of course, Geronimo is part of the servers supported by CARGO... In
detail, supported versions include:

  * Geronimo 1.x <> series (1.1.1
  * Geronimo 2.x <> (CARGO
    currently passes all its tests on Geronimo 2.1.8)
  * And, with CARGO version 1.2.4, the latest Geronimo 3.x

Second question, what would you need CARGO for? Well, typical use cases
for CARGO are:

  * *Functional and integration testing on a real server environment*:
    indeed, CARGO can be used to download, configure, start and stop
    Geronimo and also to deploy all your datasources and applications to
    it; so you can do real-world tests.
      o JUnit lovers: See our short article showing you how to
        configure, start and stop one of the many application servers
        supported by CARGO with your application in order to run your
        real-world tests on
      o Maven2 users: Try out the CARGO archetypes that show you how to
        integrate server-based testing in your Maven2 builds:
  * *Multi-server testing*: since CARGO uses the exact same API whether
    you use Geronimo or any other server, you can reuse the exact same
    configuration to test your application on different servers.
      o The list of supported servers and features supported on each
        server can be found on
  * *Automated deployment*: CARGO supports remote deployment on many
    servers (unfortunately, Geronimo is not yet supported but we're
    working on it).
  * ... and more

For more information, please visit


S. Ali Tokmen

GSM (ch): +41 79 207 29 22 [Swisscom]
GSM (fr): +33 7 70 10 33 79 [Virgin Mobile]
GSM (tr): +90 555 266 52 73 [Avea]

My AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger and Yahoo IM
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