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On Fri, Jul 13, 2012 at 8:37 PM, Forrest Xia <> wrote:

The Apache Geronimo project is pleased to announce the available of Apache Geronimo v3.0.0 server. This release is a formal release of version 3 after 3.0-beta-1. It includes Tomcat assemblies only. Besides Java EE 6 compliance achieved since 3.0-beta-1, Geronimo v3.0.0 release add Java 7 support for all of Java EE 6 web profile technologies. Please see the detail information in 3.0.0 release notes.

A couple highlights are:

Visit the Downloads page for details on downloading Apache Geronimo v3.0.0 server assemblies. Note that the mirror web sites take time to sync, so you may choose the site to download the server.

Forrest Xia,

Apache Geronimo Project

July 13, 2012