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Hi guys,

I'm new and on the way of learning Geronimo. I have this simple application,
there is one EJB application and one App Client. In the EJB app, I have one
remote interface (with "@Remote"), one EJB(with "@Stateless"). In the App
Client, I have a Main class which accesses the EJB and calls some of its

The problem is, I am able to use InitialContext.lookup() to retrieve an
instance of the EJB, but not so with the @EJB annotation. It returns a NULL

So can someone help me on this issue, how to use @EJB instead of lookup()?
Please also note that all the annotations I just listed are without any
element. I know with this alone the server may not have enough info on where
to look for the EJB, so maybe there is some way to specify it, either in
those annotations or the the deployment plan (my priority is in the
annotations, if there is any)

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