Sorry, one point should be corrected in my latest reply. Stop  the component "org.apache.geronimo.configs/welcome-tomcat/2.2.1/car" is enough before deploying your application.

2012/6/5 Zhi Xie <>
Do you notice the context-root '/' has been used by the component "org.apache.geronimo.configs/welcome-tomcat/2.2.1/car". I guest you need to uninstall that component before you want to use the context-root.

There is a guide in http://yourdomain:8080/. Please check it if works.

Would you like your application to appear at this URL?
To set the context root for a Web application, you can write a Geronimo deployment plan that uses the context-root element to specify the URL prefix used to reach that application. If you specify a context root of "/" then the application will appear at this URL. However, you'll need to stop this small Welcome application first!

Your Web deployment plan should look like this, and you can either pack it into the WAR at WEB-INF/geronimo-web.xml or provide it as a separate argument to the deploy tool.

<web-app xmlns="" 


Then you can stop this application and deploy yours from the Admin Console or from the command line with a sequence of commands like this:

deploy.[bat|sh] stop org.apache.geronimo.configs/welcome-tomcat/{geronimoVersion}/car
deploy.[bat|sh] deploy MyWebApp-1.0.war

2012/6/5 George Mulligan <>
I am using Geronimo version 2.2.1 with Tomcat 6.  I am deploying a war to the root context.  I set context-root to "/" in the geronimo-web.xml file.  This is working for the most part but now the links and resources in my pages have a double backslash in them.  


I want it to be 

Any ideas how i can accomplish this?


Best Regards
Apache Geronimo

Best Regards
Apache Geronimo