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From nemesis_sun <>
Subject Re: Using @EJB annotation instead of looking up for EJB
Date Tue, 26 Jun 2012 02:51:44 GMT
Thanks for replying, David

Basically what I want to do is to learn how Application Client and EJB
communicate with each other (and Web after that), and how to package them
into an EAR (so when I run the EAR, the App Client will run and call EJB
functions). So yes, this is just a demo.

I coded an App Client and an EJB. The App Client should be able to talk with
the EJB. I have created 2 projects in Eclipse, one is HRManager-Client (via
Application Client project wizard), one is HRManager-EJB (via EJB project
wizard). I can deploy and publish the EJB module into the Geronimo server.
However, I am not able to do so with the Client as there is an error (in two
cases, as a separate module and as a module inside an EAR together with the
EJB). Therefore, I found a way to run it by "Run as Java Application" in
Eclipse. In this case, the Client can retrieve the EJB by setting up the
InitialContext and call lookup(), but not so with @EJB.

What I am confused right now is:

1. Does running the Client by right-click->run as java app put the client
into the app client server, because for @EJB injection to succeed, the
client must be managed by a client server. If it does not, then there is no
way to use @EJB in this case.

2. Please help me with the error when deploying the Client module into
Geronimo. After that, I can try creating an EAR on the server and run the
whole thing, in that case there is the possibility the @EJB will take
effect, as the Client will be deployed in the server.

3. I really doubt about the validity of the .xml files in my project, can
you please take a look at it. Do I have to add something so that @EJB can

I attach to source code of the 2 projects here for reference. Thank you for
your help. 

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