What i mean to ask was... How to install the 3.0 version,,exactly, For eg In 2.0.1 version we will install using the below steps which is in the below link.. Please view this link:


So, like that is there any wrapper files required? do we need to edit any Wrapper.conf file?

or else simply to follow your answer "Use java 6 or 7 to start geronimo 3.0, the command is simply GERONIMO_HOME\bin\startup.bat. or bin\startup" ?

If it is the above process, After immediate downloading, If i run the startup.bat command.. will the console opens?

Please clear me...

Because i want to switch to 3.0 version as it is having advance features...  Thanks in Adance...

On Mon, May 21, 2012 at 1:18 PM, sai charan <charan.burle@gmail.com> wrote:

I have installed Geronimo 2.0 in my PC, Now i want to replace that with Geronimo 3.0, I didn't find any configuration steps in the document, Is it similar to the 2.0 version containing wrapper files? I mean the configuration process is same as 2.0 or  different? I found advanced features in Geronimo 3.0 document... And what version of java needed for 3.0 version.?