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From Julian Klappenbach <>
Subject Issue with packaged libraries in EAR
Date Wed, 02 May 2012 19:17:06 GMT
I'm having a hard time deploying an ear.  It contains two ejb modules,
and a library folder containing a jar file with annotated
entities. These entities need to be shared over several persistence
modules in several different ears, and for my reasons, it doesn't make
a lot of sense to package them up into an ejb that is shared on it's
own.  Basically, the entities don't change, but the business logic
governing them does, depending on the context.


I was going to use <jar-file> but it appears that all ear library
files are processed for annotations.  Perhaps only <class> tags are
necessary.  However, the processing of the library throws an issue at
AbstractCFMetaDataFactory (line 706 in 3.0b1).  The URL that is
created for the library
file can not be found.

I have something like:


Where in my file system, I have:


I know the ".." was from a previous bug fix, where paths are computed
from the root of the EJB, and not the EAR, making the reference.
However, it seems as though that convention does not translate to how
jars are processed and exploded under the bundle on the filesystem.
If I need additional meta-data, or if there's additional documentation
(an example build demonstrating the ability), I'm all ears.

Otherwise, I'll deal with this from a dev perspective.


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