I’ve done some more research on this. Currently both the official jpa2 plugin site and the ~dwoods jpa2 plugin site fail for different reasons.


The official site installs the deployer plugin successfully but fails on the car plugin due to a missing dependency. I believe that the geronimo-plugins.xml file is missing the following entry from the car section


<artifact-alias key="org.apache.openjpa/openjpa/2.0.0-SNAPSHOT/jar">org.apache.openjpa/openjpa/2.0.0/jar</artifact-alias>


This entry is present in the ~dwoods file.


The workaround is to download the openjpa-2.0.0.jar file from the openjpa site. Rename it to openjpa-2.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar and install it as a library in the repository. The jpa2 plugin then installs correctly.





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This still seems to be causing problems because of a missing jar due to a "clerical error". Is there any chance the jar could be added to avoid having to go into the ~dwoods repo?

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