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From Kevan Miller <>
Subject Re: Geronimo release cycle
Date Sun, 29 Apr 2012 13:48:21 GMT

On Apr 28, 2012, at 2:47 PM, Radim Kolar wrote:

>> Currently, the release cycle for Geronimo is about an year or even longer, so it
takes significant amount of time before we could use an updated version of software with bug
fixes and enhancements.
> I also feel that project is not very alive. Most alive open source application server
project is Glassfish. but it has significant number of bugs. I already tried 2 times to deploy
it in production - once for glassfish V2.0 and second few years later with glassfish 3.1.1
and had to step back.
> I currently use JBoss 7.1.1. Documentation for AS 7 is bad probably even worse then Geronimo
docs, official forums are not much alive, posts has < 100 reads. Fighting with classloading
issues in JBoss is challenging as well in geronimo, i was unable to solve some classloading
issues as well - had to build own J2EE minimal stack and deploy it into Jetty 7. But i was
more successful in fighting these problems in jboss then in Geronimo.
> As i understand open source community in general do not like J2EE concept and tends to
use simpler solutions like tomcat, which means that OS J2EE app servers are not on community
radar with exception of Glassfish - which is popular because its offered as J2EE download
from oracle site.

Note that there was a fair amount of discussion on the dev list on this same subject. There's
been a lot of focus by the community on a 3.0 release (and others). Which I expect will be
soon. As always, anyone who is interested in helping with releases (e.g. 2.2.x) is welcome
to lend a hand…

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